Why Jiffy Envelopes is a Smart Packaging Option?

When ordering any small fragile item—jewellery, perfume, limited edition CDs, headphones etc., most of us fear that it will get damaged on the way.

Retail businesses have to ship hundreds of packages every day. And the competition is cut-throat. As a manufacturer brand keeps in mind the concerns of worried customers are an issue. That is why most e-commerce brands are switching to jiffy padded envelopes.

What is a jiffy padded envelope?

Jiffy envelopes or jiffy bags are standard envelopes with additional protective layers of bubble padding. This padding along the inside of the packet helps to ensure that any product is safe from shocks, impacts or other damages while in transit.

The exterior of this envelop is made of paper, fibreboard or even plastic. Some of these envelopes come with seal locks; some of them can be sealed using tape or adhesive.

Types of jiffy padded envelopes

These envelopes are available in a range of sizes usually. Packaging suppliers like Wellpack Europe has light-duty jiffy envelopes to heavy-duty ones.

Some of the most common ones are:

Bubble padded jiffy envelopes

These come with bubble wrap sheets as padding inside the envelopes. They are very economical and lightweight. Thus the transportation cost isn’t much even after packaging.

The padding is very strong to hold anything from simple jewellery to perfume bottles, garments, documents and other everyday things.

White padded envelopes

These small padded envelopes get their name from the white outer surface and grey inner surface. The exterior of these envelopes has a plastic film that gives a smooth glossy finish.

They are super easy to label and lightweight. But the best part is that these envelopes are resistant to water.

Metallic bubble padded envelop

These are very shiny-looking padded envelopes with silver interiors. Usually, used to ship limited edition CDs or perfume bottles, the shiny exterior makes for a great gifting package.

What are the benefits of jiffy padded envelopes?

Some of the major reasons why jiffy envelopes have become so popular among retail sector are:


These envelopes come in so many sizes that they are suitable to ship a number of items. Their sizes let them accommodate all types of products starting from documents to clothes and even shoes.

Impressive protection

The bubble padding provides a very strong layer of protection from damages, shocks, vibration and mishandling. The solution is both economical and efficient. Due to the bubble wrap, there aren’t any significant postal charges for the added weight.

The padding also stops the products from sloshing inside by acting as a cushion.

Saves space

Bubble padded envelopes are more compact than traditional cardboard boxes. They can be easily stored. Thus, you can stack a bunch of them together while shipping.

This is a great benefit from small businesses as they can be stored literally in a garage.


With regards to environmental impact, padded envelopes use much less packaging material than cardboard boxes. These envelopes are reusable as most of them can be resealed multiple times. In the U.K., a large section of jiffy envelopes is made from recyclable papers.


Unlike paper padded envelopes, bubble padded ones are waterproof. While water or moisture can damage the paper, bubble wrap is resilient to that, as it is made from plastic.

So, regardless of the distance and weather conditions, shipping won’t be a problem.

In conclusion, whether you are a buyer or a seller, everybody uses postal services to mail out things. Fragile items however need more protection and jiffy envelopes are one of the great packaging solutions for it. They are cheaper and more effective.

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