Winter Clothing: Women’s Loungewear Sets that are Cool and Comfy

Comfort is definitely the key to staying at home, and we often see ads and newsletters luring you to buy comfy loungewear and athleisure. But how do these two things differ? Let’s check out now.

Difference between women’s loungewear and athleisure
Athleisure is just comfortable clothing designed for exercise and everyday wear, but loungewear is anything casual in which you can lounge or laze around. While comfort is the focal point of women’s loungewear, functionality is what people look for in their athleisure. And because people look forward to dressing themselves up in something cosy and comfy, they look forward to wearing winter loungewear at home during the coldest of the months.

How to sport women’s loungewear at home?
Here are some tips to rock the loungewear look for women at home:

Leggings: Leggings have grown to be the staples for women’s at-home days. Pair it with your favourite knitted top and layer it up with cashmere jumpers UK. This would provide you the maximum comfort, providing the perfect expression of your style.

Joggers: Take your leggings a notch higher with the joggers without sacrificing your comfort. It is of a looser fit that is cinched at the waist and the ankles, that can easily double up as loungewear as well as workout wear. Look for pockets in your joggers because oh boy, we love pockets!

Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits do not really come to our minds when we talk of loungewear, but there are well-knit jumpsuits made of soft and cosy fabrics available in the market. These are perfect to be in when you are lounging all day.

T-shirts: The most important thing and none of us can do without them. Be it a tee or a t-shirt dress, these are probably the most worn outfits of a woman, worn during the summers the most. In winters, women pair their favourite tees with leggings/joggers along with jumpers or cardigans.

Loungewear Sets: You can create a chic statement if your loungewear comes in a pair, i.e., in a set containing matching top wear and bottom wear. It can also have matching slippers and eye masks and scrunchies, and we would absolutely not mind.

Styling women’s loungewear out
Feeling too lazy to change into something else while you head out? Well, loungewear sets are perfect too. Let’s check out how.

Blazers can’t go wrong: Throw in a blazer to elevate your loungewear look to a new level. Add a blazer to attain the chic, polished look instantly.

Addition of sneakers: From the quintessential white sneakers to a funky, colourful piece, a pair of sneakers adds a playful vibe to your loungewear.

Layer your accessories: When it comes to dressing up in loungewear, no rules are applicable. Mix and match and add different types of jewellery to bags and scarves to your women’s loungewear and see the whole look get transformed drastically. Ear hoops, stacks of bracelets in different metals, layers of chains add texture to your look and can easily convert your look from couch to party.

Opt for the sets: Matching or coordinating loungewear sets, quite commonly termed as co-ord sets create a chic, monochromatic look. Try to keep your footwear and bandana, scarf, scrunchie, clip, watch, or bag in a similar shade to create a stylish, ultra-luxurious attire.

Create a shape: Using belts or French tucking, you can provide your loungewear with a new silhouette. And the easiest way would be to tuck in the middle portion of your top wear and leave the rest out on the sides. Wear it the way that you like the best.

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