How to Clean an Office Professionally

Cleaning is an event whose sequence of actions is aimed at removing dust and dirt and restoring hygienic cleanliness and order in the room in accordance with the requirements of sanitary norms and rules related to this type of office. Therefore, it is better to contact office cleaning Melbourne professionals who know all the rules and regulations.

How to clean your office in a professional way?

The ideal solution is to have a complete list of actions in front of you, in the sequence in which they need to be performed. The cleaning company usually coordinates the list of works with the hiring company.

Office cleaning instructions: sequence of actions

  • Prepare everything you need for cleaning: inventory, protective equipment, cleaning solutions, garbage bags, etc.
  • Remove dust from office surfaces from top to bottom; clean and wash floors from the far corners to the door.
  • Start with the care of office plants.
  • Inspect windows, frames and window sills for dirt; clean them if necessary with the help of inventory and window cleaning products.
  • Remove dust and local contamination from shelves, drawer units, other exposed surfaces, furniture upholstery, table lamps, decorative elements, office equipment, etc.
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  • Clean desks and office chairs from crumbs and stains.
  • Put in order mirror and glass surfaces, partitions, doors of office premises.
  • Collect waste from trash bins and paper-destroying machines and take them to the designated place, insert new garbage collection bags into baskets and bins.
  • Sweep the floor, clean carpets.
  • Carry out deodorization of the room, if necessary and agreed.
  • Wash the floor.

When starting to clean the office, you need to follow a certain sequence of actions to do the cleaning quickly and efficiently. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the opinion of the office staff regarding cleaning at their workplaces. Some office employees independently clean and wipe their desks, appliances and office supplies, and some need help. Professionals are ready to provide this help.

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