How Companies do Background Check

Background checks are a valuable verification tool for an employer. If the applicant’s data is clean, the employer can benefit from further investigation of the employment opportunity. If a background check returns incriminating information, it will save the employer from potential problems in the future. In any case, business background check will be a win-win situation for the employer.

Purpose of verification

Background checks may include the study of various aspects of the applicant’s life, such as credit history, academic data, business contacts. The purpose is to understand whether the information provided by a potential employee is truthful. Sometimes it is enough to study recommendations from previous employers. Still, when it comes to positions in government agencies, the analysis will be more in-depth.

 What else can an employer check?

  •  Driving history

Companies looking for candidates for the position of drivers study their driving history to determine the level of qualification, to find out whether a person has violated the rules, whether he/she has been in an accident.

  •  Drug test

This is done in order to reduce the risk of hiring a person whose productivity will suffer due to taking narcotic drugs, which will affect the discipline and corporate ethics in general. 

  • Court records

Employers study them in order to understand whether the applicant has a habit of filing discrimination claims. They do not seek to hire such candidates.

  • Medical information and mental health data

This category of data is not subject to wide publicity, it can only be accessed with the consent of a potential employee.

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  • Polygraph testing

This procedure is carried out for those who want to take a position related to national security, law enforcement.

  • Criminal reports

Employers study the criminal history of applicants for positions, check whether they are on the register of sex offenders.

 Employers can independently check all the data that interest them, or seek help from special companies providing such services.

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