How to drive a horse without harming the animal?

It is necessary to clearly understand what all the belts and ropes included in the ammunition are for. Moreover, the ammunition has been improved for centuries and does not contain anything superfluous, as it might seem at first glance.

For animals with temperament, a stricter bit will work, which will put more pressure on the horse’s mouth. For shy individuals, you may need to get a bridle with blinders.

Harness the horse yourself. This will allow not only to repeat the purpose of all components, but also to make sure that no equipment causes discomfort to the animal. If you are new to this business, ask for the help of an experienced friend, but be sure to be present during the process, but rather do everything yourself under strict guidance. Stroke the horse’s face constantly, thereby calming the animal and gaining confidence before the next ride.

The horse should not feel like it is carrying an incredibly heavy load. For beginners, we recommend using safe stirrups, which prevent the leg from getting stuck when falling, and therefore protect against injuries associated with this.

There are people who limit themselves to communicating with horses, not riding. Some are engaged in breeding, raising foals, others – arrange family carriage rides. However, both of them deprive themselves of the indescribable feeling of riding in the saddle. To experience the full range of emotions from skiing and at the same time be confident in your safety, you need to prepare.

And remember that the main secrets of management are trust and confidence. Your fear and anxiety about the horse will not make the ride enjoyable. Feel the animal under the saddle, and new emotions from unforgettable communication are provided to you. Enjoy your every ride!


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