Top 3 Tips To Know Before Buying A Ruby Stone

Gemstones are really very precious. And some gemstones are very popular all across the world. Ruby is one such gemstone that is immensely popular among people who love to wear different types of precious jewellery. In fact many people prefer to have ruby eternity rings for their weddings. The gemstone ruby is famous for its colour, durability and overall appearance. Though it is one of the popular gemstones, it is one of the rarest gemstones as well. Not only because of its colour and overall appearance, this gemstone is also famous for the benefits that it provides to the wearer related to health, finance and prosperity. People born in the month of July are recommended to wear a ruby gemstone.
However, any gemstone, whether it is ruby, or a sapphire, is beneficial to you only when you wear the original one. There are a lot of fake gemstones available in the market that are being sold at as high a price as that of the real gemstones. Therefore, you need to know some of the tips before buying a gemstone. In this article, we shall be looking at the top 3 tips that you need to follow before buying a ruby stone. There are many authentic jewellery shops that provide you with different types of precious jewellery with original diamonds and gemstones. AG & Sons is one such shop in the UK where you will get hallmarked and certified jewellery of different varieties, such as gemstone engagement rings, bridal ring sets (bridal ring sets UK), ruby bracelets, diamond and gemstone necklaces and so on.
Let us now have a look at the top 3 tips that we need to consider to buy a ruby gemstone.

Pay attention to the colour of the ruby gemstone

The colour of the ruby is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while buying this gemstone. Ruby is found in shades of red such as pink, and orange and sometimes in the colour purple. All these shades of ruby vary in price. But the ruby that is available in the purest form of red is the most expensive one. This ruby is also considered to be the original and the authentic one. Among the different forms of ruby that are available in the market, the extremely rare and highly valuable is the one that is in the colour pigeon blood. There is no other secondary colour available for this extremely rare ruby stone.
In order to identify the real ruby, which is red in colour or in shades of red colour, take the help of the saturation count. Keep the saturation count between grades 1-6. If it is 1, the intensity of the colour will be low and if it is 6, the intensity of the colour will be high.

Origin of the ruby is important

Just as the colour, the origin of the ruby stone is also important. The gemstone ruby is available in different parts of the world. They may vary slightly in the colour, but they are highly valuable and precious all across the world. Burma is one of those places where this precious gemstone is found. The ruby found in this place is called the Old Burma Ruby or Burmese Ruby. It is the most popular ruby because of its amazing colour saturation and consistency. It is the most expensive ruby and is highly demanded. Other famous rubies across the world are, Afghanistan Ruby, Mozambique Ruby, Thailand Ruby and so on. Rubies found in India are the cheaper ones. Ruby necklaces, ruby bracelets, ruby earrings, ruby rings and so on are some of the most expensive ruby jewellery in the world.

Physical properties of the ruby must be taken into consideration

Ruby is highly durable. It is known for its stability. It is hard and ranks 9 in Mohs scale. It is because of these properties, it is one of the most chosen gemstones for engagement rings and eternity rings. Therefore, you will find people wearing ruby engagement rings and ruby eternity rings the most. It is in fact the most preferred gemstone for a bespoke engagement ring. Its refractive index is between 1.766 to 1.774. The density of this gemstone ranges between 3.97 to 4.05. It is available in different shapes, the most famous being the pear cut or the princess cut and the round shape. Mostly, it is available either in one carat or two carats.
Summing Up
These are some of the important factors that you need to keep in mind while buying a ruby stone. Not only ruby, but every gemstone that you are thinking of buying, these factors will help you a lot. So, if you are looking at different types of gemstone engagement rings, consider these factors before buying the best one.

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