Art of Dating

What could be worse than feeling like you failed a date? After all, it is much easier to make the wrong impression on a worthy candidate than the right one… Often, during dates, literally everything bad that we think about our character, appearance, and social status creeps to the surface.

Dating… is like a minefield…

Do you know this feeling? When you, like a minesweeper in a minefield, carefully follow your every word and every movement of the interlocutor. After all, you need to simultaneously:

  • understand if this man is right for you;
  • find out if you share the same values and if you can put up with your differences;
  • feel if there is a physical attraction between you;
  • learn about his past and future plans;
  • understand which topics he is avoiding in order to clarify these issues at the next meeting;
  • circumvent possible male manipulation;
  • and, finally, behave at the same time so as not to scare him off, but on the contrary, to interest and involve him in himself.

That’s why dating is a big stress for every girl. Master the skill of dating easily and naturally! As in any other stressful situation, on dates you will need all your skills:

  • the ability to withstand your emotional stress;
  • the ability to quickly assess the partner and the situation;
  • communication and flirting skills;
  • dating preparation skill.

It is this combination of skills that allows thousands of women to go through the dating stage effectively and with pleasure, step by step developing them into a happy relationship with a decent man!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

So, you understand that dating isn’t simple. Still, it can be easier! Core Confidence Coaching professionals strive to provide science-based and ethical dating coaching. Through personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with dating coach, you’ll be able to explore new social situations and learn the following:

  • the skill of asking questions: how to learn a lot, and at the same time not to conduct “interviews”;
  • how to tell about yourself correctly: the main points of your unique self-presentation;
  • how to imperceptibly identify the information you need for yourself: about family, work, goals, status, etc.;
  • flirting and non-verbal signals: how to “turn on” a man with body language;
  • what can you tell about your past;
  • what to do if the candidate does not fit: how to refuse gracefully and beautifully.
  • You will learn how to develop your own dating strategy, which includes the following:
  • how to choose a meeting place: successful options;
  • a win-win plan for the first, second, third and subsequent dates;
  • male and female steps in interaction;
  • methods and techniques that increase your value in the eyes of a man;
  • how to leave beautifully, having intrigued a man;
  • how to behave and communicate between dates;
  • how to “include” a man if his fuse disappears somewhere;
  • date X: a sexual date when you can kiss and other moments of the right rapprochement strategy.

Rather, contact an experienced coach to learn everything and go prepared to a date.

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