Top 4 Questions People Ask about Bespoke Jewellery

So, you have been looking around jewellery stores online and offline, but haven’t found THE one yet. You are getting impatient, and nothing from even the biggest jewellery brand in London is catching your eye.
We know what you need — bespoke jewellery in London. Whether you are looking for a one-in-a-million unique engagement ring or want to revitalise an heirloom jewellery piece, custom-made jewellery is something jewellery experts swear by.

Although a lot of people are opting for customised jewellery pieces nowadays, there are still a few doubts about it. We, at Prestige Valuations, get these questions every day from our clients. So, for your benefit, here are the most common four questions people have about bespoke jewellery:

How will it be different from store-bought jewellery?

Manufactured jewellery is meant to please a whole crowd. Even with the rarest of rare designs, it is still produced at least for a hundred people. There is a lack of individuality in mass-produced jewellery pieces.
However, with say a custom-made engagement ring or a piece of bespoke jewellery from Hatton Garden; it will last for generations.

This is why most noble families or royals prefer customised pieces. Princess Diana’s jewellery is still worn by her daughters-in-law. Manufactured jewellery pieces aren’t meant to last that long.
Customised jewellery will be a reflection of you, your passions and your individuality. It’s is like leaving a piece of you in the world for your future generations to cherish.

What’s the process of making custom jewellery?

Well, different companies have a different process they follow for customised jewellery. But the client is involved every step of the way.
Usually, it has:

The consultation

The process starts with a meeting between an experienced jeweller and the client. You talk about the design, ideas, messages that you want to incorporate, colour and other specifications.

Jewellery rendering

After the initial sketches of your customised jewellery, the rendering service begins, and usually, a computerised design is presented. You can change any details here if needed to make the piece perfect.


After the initial 3D model is approved, finally, the metal version is crafted by the professional. It is curated seamlessly to mimic the exact details of your dream jewellery.

How long does the whole process take?

This is a complicated question to answer because a lot of it depends on the company and the jewellery as well. It can take anything from four weeks to ten or twelve weeks.

The time depends on how complex the design is and how big of jewellery you have ordered. For instance, a simple solitaire diamond engagement ring will take less time than a bespoke diamond necklace. It also depends on how rare stones you are considering for the jewellery.

How expensive is the whole process?

We aren’t going to lie. Customised jewellery is expensive. Whether you are trying to upbeat a design of vintage jewellery or making a newly customised one, the budget differs on the exact requirements of the client.

The preferences of the gemstones, metals, complexity of the design, jewellery repairing if needed — it depends on a lot of factors.

It is worth it? Absolutely! There is a reason why it costs more than retail jewellery. The care and hours out into a single piece are twice as much as ten pieces of machine-produced jewellery.

There is a lot of possibilities with custom-made jewellery. You can create your own wedding jewellery, engagement ring, earrings, hairpins, cufflinks—the list goes on. You can breathe life into the most intricate designs you have seen in old movies or vintage stores. People often do customised wedding rings and carve vows on them!

Also, many jewellery brands offer in-house jewellery repairing services for their custom pieces. So, you don’t have to panic if a stone falls or a dent occurs in your beloved engagement ring.

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