Kitchen profy

Keeping your kitchen tidy is probably one of the most troublesome household duties. After all, your kitchen is a place where something gets dirty, spilled, untidy more often and, accordingly, requires cleaning. However, everything can be done quite quickly.

Our plan at is designed for regular cleaning of the kitchen, which is done every one or two weeks.

  1. Put all things at their places.
  2. Wash the dishes.
  3. Check if there are any expired products in your fridge.
  4. Wipe the surfaces from above.
  5. Wipe the wall hanging cupboards doors.
  6. Wipe household appliances.
  7. Wash the stove and oven door.
  8. Wash the trays, the stuff standing on the countertops, and the countertops themselves.
  9. Empty and wash the trash can.
  10. Wash the sink
  11. Sweep and wash the floor.
  12. Check if dish sponges need to be replaced and hang up fresh towels.

Enjoy the result!

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