How To Detect The Presence Of Termites

Termites are one of the most dangerous parasites for a building. They can completely destroy the wooden structure in a short period of time. If they appear, turn for help to

Find Out The Presence Of Parasites

To prevent the destruction of the structure, it is necessary to determine the presence of termites. The main signs of the presence include:

  • air voids (in load-bearing structures);
  • the appearance of holes;
  • gradual destruction of wood elements;
  • sagging flooring.

It is worth conducting a detailed study of wood elements. Go down to the basement of the building and inspect the foundation and other supporting elements. Make sure that there are no voids in the construction.

You can determine the location of insects by the traces of the excrement. They are small granules of brown hue. It is worth looking for a nest of parasites, which is located inside the wooden structure. 

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