Cleaning and disinfection after the death of a pet

All living beings are mortal and our pets are no exception. If your pet has died, it is necessary to carry out a thorough cleaning and disinfection. This is very important  because after death the body of the animal begins to decompose and emit poisonous odors, leaving traces that are difficult to remove. A more serious disinfection of the premises is needed if the death of a pet was caused by an infectious disease. It’s necessary to use biohazard cleaning services, which will do the cleaning and disinfection professionally.

Why it is necessary to disinfect the apartment after the death of a cat

One way or another, after a certain time every living organism begins to release a whole complex of carcinogenic compounds and bacteria in the form of gas that spreads throughout the premises and settles on surfaces. Touching dead animals and inhaling putrid odor leads to the poisoning through the respiratory tract and skin.

If the dead pet stays in the apartment or a house for a long period of time (more than three hours) body fluids begin to be released. They contain both a high concentration of cadaveric poison and are a breeding ground for putrefactive pathogenic bacteria.

Manual washing of the premises with detergents is not effective. Airing the room won’t help either because toxic deposits and bacteria will remain hard-to-reach places. In this case the help of biohazard cleaning services is a must.

Disinfection of the apartment after the death of a dog

The death of a dog is a painful loss, but one should not forget that the death of an animal in an apartment is a certain kind of threat to its inhabitants.

How the disinfection of the apartment after the death of the dog is carried out.

First of all, when biohazard cleaning services arrive they  disinfect not only the room where the pet stayed but the whole apartment. Disinfection of the apartment must be thorough. Its duration depends on the time that the pet stayed in the apartment after death. When specialists provide biohazard cleaning services use special products for disinfection they must wear personal protective equipment such as masks, respirators, gloves, etc. It is necessary to dispose of all items that belonged to the dog: clothes, toys, etc.

A serious disinfection procedure may be required if the death of the animal occurred as a result of an infectious disease – rabies.

It is worth noting that the disinfection of the premises after the death of the animal is one of the most difficult procedure. In this case, specialists need to consider many details. It’s necessary to carry out the complete treatment of the place where the animal died and if the cause was of the death was an infection, the whole house must be treated in order to avoid permissible infection of the inhabitants because any untreated things and furniture can serve as a source of infection of those living in the room.

Why should you contact biohazard cleaning services to disinfect the apartment after the death of a pet?

If you care about your health and the health of the people living in the apartment, you should contact the experts to remove the consequences.


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