Where to live during your vacation

A reasonable approach to the choice of housing will help to save up to half of the budget for the trip. There are so many options and ideas for renting a home during a vacation in the world. Your choice will depend on many factors. It is worth considering the most popular options on the advice of travelers.

In a hotel

The main advantage of the hotel is service. It allows the traveler to focus on the purpose of his visit: on walks, excursions and outings outside the city, after which it is especially pleasant to return to a clean cleaned room, spend the night in a huge perfectly made bed, get your breakfast and go on adventures again.

One of the disadvantages of hotels is a fixed check-in and check-out time. You can leave things in the hotel’s luggage room and go for a walk, but it’s still not very convenient. But, also not in any area you can use the services of the hotel. If you get acquainted with the ICONIC LIFE, you will see a lot of beautiful places that are worth visiting, but the option to rent a hotel room is absolutely not suitable.

In a rented apartment

Renting an apartment in a new city is an opportunity to find an unusual place in design, atmosphere and comfort level. It can be an apartment with a rich history and an unusual interior, different from the traditional verified hotel rooms. An apartment for a day is also a way to feel like a full—fledged resident of the city for a few days. Take a walk through the local supermarkets, chat with neighbors, invite someone to visit – in general, imagine that you have been here for a long time. It’s nice. If you are going to a large company or to nature, you can rent a whole house, like here.

In the hostel

An accommodation option that is a symbiosis of a hotel and a hostel.

Hostels combine the advantages of a hotel and an apartment. It is usually cheap and very close to the center. At the same time, you can cook in a shared kitchen, just like in a regular apartment, and you can use the service and services as in a hotel.

Interesting acquaintances and leisure are a bonus. The concept of hostels assumes constant contact of guests with each other: they always have common living rooms where parties, movie screenings, language seminars and other events are held.

The disadvantage of the hostel is the reverse side of its advantages. You will have almost no personal space left: you will have to live in a shared room, use shared showers and constantly come into contact with strangers.

At the couchsurfer

It’s almost like coming to visit a friend — free and fun. you are cheerfully received by strangers, but very kind people who have chosen you as a guest themselves and are eager to communicate with a representative of an alien culture. The philosophy of couchsurfing is the exchange of impressions between locals and travelers. The main advantage is that you are completely immersed in the atmosphere of the city and its inhabitants.

Which option to choose is up to you, everything will depend on which company and to which area you plan to go on vacation.

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