What to Do and What Not to Do About Lighting of Retail Displays?

Posters, coupons, hoardings and billboards are not the only ways to increase your sales and generate revenue. There are a lot of things that go behind planning and designing retail displays and what further accentuate their looks are the LED Bulbs UK. LED store lighting attracts people, keep them focussed on the products they want to buy and guide them throughout the store.

Here are a few dos and don’ts for LED Bulbs UK that will help you create the look that you have always dreamt of.

Consider the Basics

Creating an efficient lighting system that looks the best when you want to promote products, make your retail displays look attractive, which in turn, will increase the sales. The more you are informed about the efficacy correlated colour temperature (CCT), colour-rendering index (CRI), and intensity, the better you can put them to use.

Use Lighting to Set the Mood of Customers

Choose the colour temperature of the LED bulbs UK as you would like to set your customers mood and shopping experience. A retailer who would like to set up a relaxed atmosphere, warm white or ultra-warm white lights work the best. Customers are to come, relax, and spend some time. More the customers would spend time, the chances of them buying your products would increase.

But if you are selling something that would look best in bright white light, go for it. One of the main aims of any retailer would be to choose the perfect lighting. Highlight the ‘New Arrivals’ or ‘On Sale’ sections to grab attention of the customers. Make use of the lights to guide your customers through your entire store. Anything unique will catch a person’s eye… be it lighting under a set of shelves, decorative light fixtures, cove lighting, or sometimes, just simply how you arrange your lights.

Change Lighting Plan Whenever the Merchandise or Floor Plan Changes

If you have a habit of changing the floor plan often, the lighting system needs to be changed as well. Depending upon the products you would display, the types of bulbs or colour intensities need to be changed as well.

No Areas Should Be Left Out

There are a number of areas that can get overlooked when you are planning for a retail lighting project. For example, if you are selling clothes, do not forget the fitting/trial rooms. How a customer is looking in the outfit in the mirrors of the fitting room is the ultimate one to decide whether or not he/she will buy that clothing. While a warm or natural lighting is the best, a high CRI-LED light shows the lightings accurately.

If you are showcasing your products on retail displays like the shelves, hanging from other shelves can limit the entry of light to that area. LED strip lights is the solution to this problem. Not only do they have adhesive backings for easy installation, they can also be trimmed to fit in a required position. You can create your own LED light fixture using diffusing lens and an aluminium channel. You can get creative with the LED strips and get them mounted near and at the checkout and billing counters.

Don’t Go Overboard with The Lightings

While the right lighting is a necessity, even too much of the necessary things can ruin the game. Too many colours or too much lighting can not only be disturbing but bothersome too.

You Should Not Use the Same Level of Light for Everything

Choose what are the things you want to light up using your LED bulbs UK. It is important to lit up properly what is visible immediately to your customers, but never worry about those that are not meant to be seen. You can use different lights for sections that require special attention like the ‘New Arrivals’ or ‘On Sale’.

Lights are mandatory to be set up in stores and retail displays to attract customers and sometimes convince them to buy certain products, that they “definitely” should buy! The more attractive a shop looks, more it will catch attention of the customers and drag them towards your store.

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