The most popular farming game on mobile – Farmington

The game plot

You’ve bought an abandoned farm at the auction. This farm used to work in your hometown, providing delicious and healthy produce. But that was a long time ago. Nowadays once a wealthy farm is almost in ruins and it doesn’t produce anything. You remember how important this place was for your hometown, so you decide to make this unprofitable enterprise into a prosperous eco-friendly farm.

Farmington features

Start renovating your farm village and make it eco-friendly!

  • Welcome to modern farm life. Run your farming using modern technology
Build smart factories
  • Get cows, pigs and hens, and take good care of your farm animals

  • Harvest bumper crop of fruits, vegetables and grains
  • Make healthy produce and deliver it with your drone

  • Upgrade your recipes to improve the quality of your goods

  • Fulfill orders and provide the locals with your fine goods

  • Expand the territory and make your eco-farm bigger

  • Brighten up your land with beautiful decorations

This is a farm game for cell phones and tablets that requires an internet connection.

 Farmington is a completely free village farming game. 

Download Farmington game on the App Store and Google Play.

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