Auto Racing in the United Kingdom

Auto racing, which is might be called as motor racing or an auto racing, is a kind of sport, including the race competitions of automobiles. Almost at the moment the vehicles were invented, different races were organized, where the initial race competition took place in 1867. Automobile sport is gaining much recognition by fans of Britannia. The country is one of leading players in the sphere of auto sport, which provides corresponding worldwide competitions like the Formula One World Championship, World Rally Championship, Grand Prix motorcycle racing and numerous other significant contests. It can be regarded as a land of varied of the present teams in the Formula One, such as McLaren and Williams while such groups as Red Bull Racing, Mercedes and Lotus are founded in England. Among the famous nationwide series is the British Touring Car Championship. The United Kingdom has an authorized ruling body of motor sport — the Motor Sports Association.

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On account of the beginning of the Formula One World Championship in 1950, the Great Britain is in the list of main players. In the meanwhile it had been providing many other global race competitions, where it won sixteen titles; it is much more than other countries. Great Britain is still remaining as a large participant in the Formula One World Cup since its start in 1950. Mike Hawthorn was titled as the first world champion in 1958, having won against Stirling Moss. The Grand Prix of Albion was firstly happened in 1926 at the Brooklands oval. Nowadays Silverstone Circuit is a host, but before in 1986 many races were organized at Brands Hatch. The vast majority of races held at Silverstone, the circuit of Britain, built on the former airfield of the air force. The track was laid on the taxiway and did not include the runway, which decided to keep as a reserve. Throughout history the circuit was rebuilt several times, gradually long straight was supplemented with new twists, but inevitably racing at Silverstone has become one of the most interesting in the course of competition.

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One more famous race circuit is Donington Park Motor Racing was the primary constant track for auto racing in Britain. Its initial race was provided in 1931 at Donington Hall Estate. In 1933 the track become wider and gave a push to holding Grand Prix Races. Silverstone Circuit provides MotoGP competitions, in the time the Superbike World Championship is organized at Donington Park nowadays.

The British Rally Championship is the nationwide rally competition of the Great Britain, holding such contests as the Circuit of Ireland Rally, Scottish Rally and Rally Isle of Man. Auto sport of the United Kingdom includes the participation of various racing clubs, with a broad scope of series, where every association contains various motorists and automobiles. Each association hosts several meetings within a year, with every confrontation, including the races in various classifications. Being formed in 1912, the primary Cyclecar Club, current the British Automobile racing club organizes contests on almost every place in Commonwealth of Nations. The Cyclecar Club was growing intensively and was holding races, rallies and touring trials at Brooklands.

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The Land of Rose holds on being the global leader in the development and manufacture of motor-sport technology. The country started to rule the Formula One at the beginning of its progress and has never let it down. It is happening due to high standards of driving, marketing, designing, using vehicle inspection software, engineering and achievements in commercial industry of the organizers.

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