Types of tourist transfers

Booking a limo from Denver to Keystone is the most crucial moment, during which you independently determine the most necessary and useful services for you, including the conditions for an individual transportation. An individual transfer is very convenient in cases where you carry a lot of luggage when you travel with children, or simply do not want to waste your time and nerves.

What are the types of tourist transfers?

There’re several types of tourist transportation:

  1. Group transportation. This type of transportation is suitable for those who want to save money. Tourists are recruited into one group of 5–8 people and travel in one direction. That is why this trip is cheaper. And the tourists from the group are set by a single goal – to get to the hotel or some local attractions. This type of transportation is considered the most inconvenient.
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  2. Private transportation. A car or even a minivan is served. This is an individual service, for an individual or a family, so it costs more. In this transportation, the main subjects are only the driver and the customer.
  3. VIP transfer. It is distinguished by special comfort – during the trip they can offer food or drinks, and the price often includes excursions and guide services. The car is comfortable, equipped with a TV, and air conditioning.

The transportation is especially valuable where visitors do not know the area and infrastructure. The transfer will save time and money, and make the rest more comfortable.

Transfer and taxi cost

Almost all taxi drivers are metered, and only a few companies provide fixed prices. In any case, the transfer with all its amenities requires an appropriate payment. When ordering an individual transfer, you pay specifically for the car, regardless of the number of passengers. In case of a group transfer, payment is charged from each member of the group separately.

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Transfer payment methods depend on the company, and may include prepayment, payment upon completion by invoicing a legal entity, but most often, payment is made directly to the driver after the transfer is completed. Group passengers are interested in excursion support. In this case, instead of a “business” or “comfort” class car, roomy minibusses are provided, which can be ordered on the website https://mountaincars.com.


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