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Can You Have a Natural High Tolerance to Drugs

 There is quite a lot of confusion around “substance tolerance,” “substance abuse,” and “substance addiction.” The difference is explained by rehabilitation centres in south africa.

So, What’s the Difference?

Tolerance means that the body stopped responding to the substance the way it did before. If you were getting a certain medication and your body became accustomed to that substance, then you won’t get the same benefits as before. In that case, your doctor may change the dosage or regimen or recommend a different medication.

In the case of substance abuse, if the drug isn’t present or the dosage is reduced, you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Your body can only function normally if the substance is in your system.

The more you abuse the substances, the higher the chances you become addicted. With addiction, your brain activity changes, and you are determined to get the substance no matter the harm you are putting yourself into.

As you can see, while tolerance, abuse, and addiction mean different things, there is a connection between them. Tolerance can lead to abuse and abuse can lead to addiction. But, are some people born with a higher tolerance than others?

Can You Have a Natural High Tolerance to Drugs?

 You all know someone who gets drunk after having just one glass of beer and people who have a higher tolerance to alcohol and wake up the next day as nothing happened. Can people be born with a naturally high tolerance to substances?

It’s not an easy question to answer.

In most cases, people develop a high tolerance by using a substance or medication regularly. If you have been prescribed a drug and have been taking it for a while, your body may develop a tolerance to it and your doctor will have to adjust your dosage or prescribe a different medicine.

However, it’s also possible for tolerance to happen because of genetic factors. For example, a young athletic person may have a higher tolerance than someone with higher body weight.

It’s also possible for substance tolerance to be passed down the family line. If you have a family history of substance abuse and one of your parents was a heavy user or addict, they may have passed a high tolerance to drugs or alcohol to you.

What Can You Do About It?

 It’s not entirely possible to avoid building tolerance to certain substances. If you need medication for a certain condition, then it’s possible that at one point your body will develop some levels of tolerance. Be aware of your family’s medical history, and if you have cases of substance abuse among family members, make sure to mention that to your doctor. They can help you avoid going on a slippery slope and turning your tolerance into abuse or addiction.

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