Bitcoin return – is it real?

Any transactions on the network are performed anonymously. It is impossible to find out who is the owner of a particular storage of digital.

After completing the transaction, the shipping address will naturally be at your disposal. However you will not receive information about who actually owns the wallet in any way. But here it is important not to forget about the difference between canceling a transaction and refunding digital coins. Let’s look at an example that will allow you to understand it in practice.

You are walking around the store, and by accident a regular banknote flies out of your pocket. People who are also in this outlet notice your distraction and pick up the banknote. And here there are two options: the person who found the money can return it to you or take the finances for himself.

The situation is similar with digital coins. If you accidentally transferred them to someone else’s storage and not to yourself or, say, to an online store to pay for a purchase, you can only hope that the receiving party will agree to a voluntary return of bitcoins.

Thieves and hackers running business loan scams capitalize on business owners’ desire for quick, affordable funding.

So how to recover bitcoins from scammer? No way: you will never know his name, just as you will not receive data on the real location of the criminal. But if you transferred coins to a respectable recipient who does not want to use other people’s money, there will be no problems. In the latter case, we recommend you proceed according to the following scheme:

  • Contact the technical support service of the platform through which you performed the operation – a cryptocurrency exchanger;
  • In the letter, explain in detail your mistake and be sure to attach scanned copies of the tranactiom so your Investment Recover may happen.


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